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We craft our cocktails with fresh ingredients

while celebrating the rich heritage of Nevada.


Amanda C. 

Review on Yelp!

This place is amazing! The laid back atmosphere gives a great place to come hang out and have some cocktails. They have a huge game selection, including a big box of Cards Against Humanity. Oh and Ana is a wonderful bartender. It got a bit busy on Sunday and she gave everyone the attention they needed!

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed

Nevada as the 36th state to join the Union.

Coming from the Spanish word meaning “snow-capped,” Nevada is nestled within the Great Basin Range Province and is home to numerous types of environments. This variety is not only limited to climates and landscapes but, more importantly, Nevada is rich in its diversity with those who inhabit our beautiful state. With this, we are very honored to serve you tasty cocktails made with fresh ingredients from local sources as well as brilliantly crafted beers and wines from throughout this great region.

At 1864 Tavern we not only want to showcase Nevada’s bountiful history, imbibing culture, and long-honored traditions, but we especially want to celebrate our current achievements as a community.

The future is bright for Nevada.

Come in and Celebrate Nevada with us.

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